Monday, December 08, 2008

Why Do You Quilt?

That was a question asked by Judy of Patchwork Times fame.

While I was working in the studio on Sunday I turned that question over in my mind to see if I could get a concise answer.

I quilt for the same reason I knit and sew garment and bead and tat and do needlepoint and cross stitch.

When I hold a needle in my hand I am connected back through time with all the other women that have made their homes more cheerful and comfortable by stitching. I have one cross stitch sampler that says:

"In the rhythm of the needle there is music for the soul."

For me the rhythm of the needle is relaxation.


  1. Goodness! How many reasons do you want?!?? LOL

    Creativity and I LOVE to give away home made gifts to my family! And YES, I feel closer to my (deceased) grandmothers - both were quilters.

    And, I'm pretty darn proud of my creations... bloopers and all! LOL


  2. I quilt because I need to create and it is a way of reaching out to others rather than always staying in the same enclave of friends.

  3. After writing about this question myself, I asked others back in August of 2006. Here is a link to the post where I answered and asked -

    Got some great comments. Lots of people answered on their own blogs too - unfortunately I don't have links to those posts.

  4. Merrypal7:17 PM

    Why do I quilt?

    You do know the book by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

    That is the only way I can explain why. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling and a sense of pride.

    The more I quilt the better my work gets. Claudia

  5. Hi Suze... I see you visit my blog. I quilt because it's a wonderful thing to do. My daughter loves my quilts, so does my husband. I read Judy every day, and I'll come back and visit you too! Happy quilting on the next Quiltathon!


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