Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Three Is The Charm (I hope)

Yes, that is right two purses that are not as good as I had hoped........ And I cannot find the fabric to make the handles............. Okaye, I am putting them aside and making another one. Perhaps the third one will turn out better. I have to get another black zipper but I will pick one up on the way to work and PERHAPS I can get the next one done better. The fabric I used for the first two is lovely but a real problem to work with. I should have selected better. Oh well, Lu and I will both have a purse now.......... And Jean might even get one eventually.

I took a pause from the purse disaster and went back to Donna's quilt. I suppose that is a good reason to have two things going.............. If you hit a rough spot with one you can work on the other one for awhile. Here are the last 6 blocks.

And here they are all laid out ready to sash and add the borders. I was able to get the sashing on the first row before I had to leave for work. There is always a possiblity I can get this top finished today or at least close.

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