Friday, December 26, 2008

New Year's Celebration

Just in case you missed it........... Bonnie Hunter is hosting a New Year's Mystery for us to enjoy.

Yes, I plan to START something else............ But I am getting a head start on my 2009 Stash Busting Pledge. Judy at Patchwork Times has a new spin on getting control of our stash. I have signed my pledge and I will be looking through what I already have to make my New Year's Mystery. I remembered some cheddar fabrics I had purchased over the years so tomorrow I will look for them. Not an easy task with so much packed up already but I have a good idea where they are..............

Half of the house blessing is done tonight and I can finish up in the morning. We have errands tomorrow morning and a good thing because the realtor is showing the house at 11:00... Much prayer being said that someone will purchase the house soon. Lem and I are ready to move on....

I will keep working until we move. After all the job does help pay for health insurance.


  1. Good luck with the house showing! I'm trying to use from my little bit of stash - we'll see how it goes:) Happy Holidays!

  2. I have great plans to work out of my stash this year too. With the economy like it is I sure don't need to buy more fabric, though I wonder if we all do that will our local quilt shops have to close their doors? Horrors! blessings, marlene


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