Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Love This Block

This block was not the easiest thing to make at first. I really couldn't understand all the problems I was having........... Other people made this block and no one mentioned any problems.

Reading the instructions correctly might have helped me. After I went back to square one and read them again I realized I had cut some triangles 5/8 of an inch too big............. This will really make it hard for the block to come together. I tossed the incorrect parts into BOB and cut them out correctly. After that it was a piece of cake................ I knew the problem was with something I was doing. I have NEVER had a problem with anything Judy has designed.........

In fact, I like this fabric together soo much that I ordered more to make the Army Reserves Star for my daughter. It is a block I found on Quilters Cache and I have been wanting to work on it since she retired from the Reserves............... I can add that to my stack of "Want to make" quilts.

The house is still in a bit of turmoil. Things not yet where they are supposed to be. It is getting better. I might get to answer email and read blogs again one day.


  1. Nice

  2. As Margo said, the colors are sharp and crisp. I made some mistakes too-again, it was me, not Judy's directions. Would you believe I actually put a few pieces on backwards??? Never sew when ill!

  3. I just love the colors in your block, one of my favorite color combinations I've seen so far.

  4. This looks good. I like the colors youa are using.

  5. Great looking block. I also followed the link to all the others that had their blocks posted. Made me want to go right home and make mine - you think my boss would mind?

  6. I love it, too. I'm all inspired to get mine done. I'll read the instructions carefully first! LOL

  7. awesome colors. I sewed blocks on upside down but didn't want to admit to it. since it is out in the open. I spent more time laughing at myself doing this block. It was a great form of entertainment.
    Polly in Long Beach

  8. I think so far I have liked your star the best. I HAVE that red fabric...and its my pile to pull from for my block! I'm having a bit of a procastination problem due to a lost dog...but I will get with the program soon!

  9. Your block looks so nice. Mine is not even cut out yet!!


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