Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And The Lucky Winner is Wisconsin

Tuesday night we had a farewell dinner for our Dear Jean Mello. She is going to Wisconsin to be with her sister......... (Jean is the third from left).

Jean I met first at a class on tablerunners. I usually avoid classes. There is always one annoying person and they usually sit beside me.......... This class was great fun..... Mostly due to Jean. She is quick witted and always has a pleasant word for all.... We met again an a class last fall. Once again she was a boon companion.......... We are in the Saturday Sewing Society together. It just won't be the same around here with Jean.

Her dear friend Lynn organized the good by dinner and the gift.

And we are all waiting for her to open her present.

And we are still waiting.

Enough says Lynn and lends a hand..........

We got a Cape Cod Bracelet for her. (pictured here........ It comes in all gold or all silver but the most popular is the silver and gold. Here on the Cape we tend to be less into fashion and with the combination of gold and silver it goes with whatever you might be wearing. It does not slide on but the ball unscrews. My husband says it takes three people to get one on. The idea is never to take it off.)

Now Jean will have us with her always..............................


  1. Looks like a very nice sendoff to a good friend.

  2. What a nice get-together for your!


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