Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What's On Your Bed?

On Friday SuBee at Pieces of Time asked that question.

At last I got around to taking the picture. I could not however get Honey to move off the bed. After all, she thinks that it is Her Bed. She also closed her eyes just as I clicked the shutter.

The quilt is "Fields and Fences", a pattern I found online at the McCalls site. I left work and went straight to the fabric store. I purchased some of their luscious homespun fabrics and went home and began immediately. I love that quilt....... It is just my kind of quilt.


  1. Fun. I really like how that turned out.

  2. I've been working with solid blues and plaids lately - this is a terrific idea if I have leftovers! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. That's a very pretty quilt! And why should Honey open her eyes? She's in bed! :)

    I haven't worked much with homespuns but they seem so soft and snuggly.

  4. That looks like a very comfy quilt to have on a bed. I don't have a quilt on my bed -- but I do have a dog on the bed also :))


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