Thursday, September 20, 2007

Basting a Quilt

Here is one of my Hour A Day quilts on the table to be basted. My dear friend Vickie offered her studio and her assistance to complete this project. It had to be basted because I am planning to hand quilt it. I have pinned quilts in the past but never have I basted one. Even with both of us working it took over five hours to get it done.

There I am, basting away......... Jean stopped by to say hello and we were pleased to talk with her while we worked. The quilt on the design wall to the left is one that Vickie will be teaching in a class beginning in October. I am really looking forward to that class.

Sometimes it was necessary for Vickie to reach the middle to start a thread for me.


  1. Looks like quite a day! Basting is a lot of work, but doing it with friends must have been fun as well :o) Your HAD quilt is really gorgeous! Thought so the first time you showed it, and still think so! Enjoy quilting it!

  2. Outstanding quilt, I love the colors. If only our arms were longer basting would be easier.

  3. What I know about quilting you can put in a thimble and have plenty of room to drink out of it (although why would you?), but I am happy to see pictures of YOU - we need more, ok?

  4. How wonderful to have friends to help with this enormous task. Now, you're ready to sit with your needle and thread and while away a few hours.

  5. love the hour a day quilt! hi Susan, basting is really a lot of work, but every minute is worth spent. greetings from Poland: Brigitte


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