Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Just a Few Accomplishments

This is the beaded ornament I am making for the Guild. Since no one from the guild is a blogger, I can confess on this site that I am the secret Santa.................. I have some dear friends that are members of the guild so even before I joined I did a wee giftee for each member attending the Christmas gathering. One year it was strawberries for needles. The next year it was a Wonder Wallet from Lazy Girl Patterns. Last year as you know it was the beaded tassels.
I figure I will need to have at least 60 ready by Thanksgiving. If I need a few more I can make them up before the meeting. So here are four done and 56 to go. There are 12 ornaments to each container. If I get 5 containers completed I will be in good shape for the event.

Finally the hat and socks and sweater are done. The smocked dress was done also but I managed to get something from the iron on it when i was blocking the top so it will have to be washed. I will mail what I have to Jean so at least that part will be done.

Lem and I stayed home for the holiday weekend. We did swap the winter clothes for the summer clothes. Now the closet is nice and organized.

We have a dear friend coming next week for a visit and I got the closet in the guest room cleared our for her and two drawers in the chest of drawers emptied for her use.

I didn't even get half of what I wanted done. I spent Sunday afternoon with a heating pad and that really cut into my time to stitch...................


  1. The hat and sweater are so cute. You do everything, don't you? Love that beaded ornament. I've never done anything with beads. NO! Do not send me any beads. I do not need another hobby. But, I think the beaded things are very pretty.

  2. I also love the hat and sweater, where did you get the pattern? I have a new grand daughter and would love to knit the sweater for her.

  3. You are a very skilled beader Suze. I always enjoy looking at your work.


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