Thursday, May 17, 2007


I find it impossible to juggle all my balls at one time. It seems that the more I attempt to get it ALL done the farther behind I fall.

Blogging is an all time favorite thing for me. I enjoy reading what everyone else is doing and making and where they are going and what they are seeing......

I want to be a part of all that is happening out there in blogger land......

Here it is past the halfway point on May and I haven't even gotten my own page up to date. I am way behind in reading what everyone else is doing.

I have spent the last few weeks trying to keep the house in order and trying to be proactive. That means keeping up with a calender and accomplishing task before they are due.

I have also been concentrating on one project at a time. I finally got the Storm At Sea Jane shipped off to be quilted. I then concentrated my morning time to getting the 2005 Siggy Swap quilt top together. That has been done at last. Perhaps I will get a good picture of it tomorrow.

I finished the hat and socks and sweater for my sister but I want to include a smocked dress in the package. That has been pleated and I have all the things together to get the hand work done.

Now that the weather is improving it is time to get out the summer clothes. I have several totes of fabric and patterns I have been tripping over for the last two summers. This is the year I am going to make those clothes and wear them.

As most everyone knows, Lem and I are hoping to be moving to NC in the early part of 2009. I simply must go through the cellar and garage and get those areas cleared out and get ready to move.

Let me leave with a picture of the siggy quilt in progress.


Nadine said...

It's beautiful, Suze !... It looks like you're being very busy ! Take it easy, however, dear !....And how lucky you are being able to sew your own clothes ! (wish I could !)

Hugs & smiles !

JudyL said...

Love the quilt! I've been having the same thoughts as you blogged about. I have so many irons in the fire. I look around me and there are UFO's everywhere -- quilting, sewing, knitting. I want to stop what I'm doing and finish one thing at a time but that's probably not in my nature.

Hanne said...

Hello Suze :-)
Pick 1-3 projects and work on them only. You know how it works and I am sure you have seen I have worked the same way lately as I have been totally overwhelmed with it all - healing, exercising, fabric collection, projects, deadlines, upcoming teaching - you name it. For every finish and every yard of fabric used I feel a better and more in control. Shoulder by shoulder - you and me!

Connie said...

That quilt is wonderful. And I know what you mean about keeping up with blogs, ever since I've started my blog I have enjoyed the process.

Pam said...

The siggy quilt looks great. I really like the setting for the blocks.

I love the blogging - but it is hard to keep up sometimes. If I have to work a couple of days and miss reading the blogs I fall way behind and then feel badly that I'm not able to read all the blogs in depth and comment like I would like. But I love to see what everyone is up to even if I can't comment all the time :))

Shelina said...

I'm doing what you are doing - trying to get proactive with the housework, and trying to get ready to move, trying to do things one at a time to the finish. And I am miserably failing. I just love the quilt you have posted, and what a lovely setting to put it in.

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