Monday, March 26, 2007

Gray Socks

At long last the gray socks are done. I finished them while I waited for the car to be tested.

I managed to finish sewing 35 siggies on Saturday and 20 more this morning. I will be embellishing them with the glitter gel pens tonight. That process takes more time than I realized. So glad to have several good books on tape for the event.

This weekend I removed everything from my upstairs work area except the siggies and the pink yarn for the baby socks that I will knit next. I always have to have an easy knitting project for those occasions when there is some viewing pleasure available on television.

Lem pointed out some cobwebs in the living room. I explained that until I met the upcoming deadline, they would have to stay with us. He is working 12 hours a day and I am the support staff for him.

I am trying to make sure he eats right and that means more cooking than usual for me. After the 15th of April, he will be able to help with that sort of thing more.

I am just pleased to be able to strike one more thing on my list.


  1. Hi, Suze! The gray socks look great! Makes me inspired to start kniting again:o) Nice to read you are making great progress on your siggie blocks as well! Hang in there until things get a bit more normal in the middle of April - Take care :o)

  2. Love the socks. I know it is hard to be the support for Dear Dad.... He takes it all so personally. Give Dad and Honey a Hug from me. Love to all..Ole R


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