Friday, March 30, 2007


Perhaps you remember "The Breakfast Club". We meet on Friday mornings for breakfast. Left to right are Peggy, Nancy, Vickie and Joan.

We are all members of the same guild but I am not as much of a risk taker as some of the others are.

Nancy was not there today so there were only four of us discussing the challenge quilt that each of us is supposed to make for the Quilt Show. We aren't too pleased with the limitations. After some discussion of one of the ideas on the table we decided to enter into a union of 4 and make one big quilt to enter into the show. The theme this year is "The Seasons of Quilting". We came up with a master plan. Then we placed each season on a slip of paper and drew it out of the basket (I just emptied the basket that had the little jelly packets in it) Peg got Spring, Vickie drew Summer, Autumn was for June and I got Winter. I can't seem to stop the ideas that are swirling around in my head............. This is going to be a real adventure for me. I tend to be traditional in my quilting and this will be just for fun................

These are the fabrics we were supposed to use. We have taken the idea and gone in a different direction.

Siggy Report

I need to stamp and paint 20 more.

I have 65 cut and ready to sew.

I have 20 to embellish with gel pens.

I have 55 that need the charm sewn on.

Bet we know what I will be doing this weekend.

After I go to the lecture on Yarn at our local library.


  1. Another fun Friday morning with The Breakfast Club! :-)

  2. Good luck with the siggy's.

    The challenge quilt sounds interesting. It's nice to work with a group and get ideas and such. Each block will have those fabrics? It will be a bit of a challenge to make an orange winter scene. It's always nice to be challenged every so often. Looking forward to seeing your block.


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