Saturday, October 21, 2006

Running In Place

I feel like I have been running in place all day...... Just wish there were more to show for it. I have the house blessing complete but not my extra list.

I did get my rows put together for the Hour a Day Quilt that Judy provided for us to enjoy. The borders are cut. I will get them on tomorrow and a picture posted. It is one gorgeous quilt. The best work I have ever done. Piecing on The Duchess makes all the difference.

How good it is to have the house in order and clean sheets to enjoy. When I retire I just might change sheets twice a week instead of only once.

The day we leave to visit Mama is on the horizon. November one. We fly to Atlanta, meet DD and head for Virginia to see Mama. DS and DDIL will meet us in Virginia.

I have selected my "traveling project" and now I need to get it prepped to go. I am taking the Pink Valentine quilt blocks I am swapping with DD. She is doing 1/2 of them twice and I am doing 1/2 half of them twice. Then we will swap the duplicates with each other.

I have reviewed my October list. Much has been done but no finishes yet. I will have to see if I can change that. I already have the November list in place.

Now if there is a preview of the November Hour A Day quilt I can get my fabric lined up and ready to go when we get back.

Off to cook the evening meal.


  1. Good progress on your Hour a Day quilt. I'll look forward to seeing the finished pic.

    When you retire, you'll have better things to do than change the sheets. =) Trust me on this one.

  2. I was just going to say that as well. You will have many more things to do than change sheets I'm sure.

    I'm looking forward to the November Hour a day quilt as well. I never did October but I saved it for a "someday" quilt.

  3. Running in a place is not excactly what comes to mind reading your post Suze.
    Have a lovely day :-)


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