Sunday, October 01, 2006

October Goals

Sitting here this morning with a cup of coffee I am trying to narrow down my goals for October to a managable size.

1. Finish 2 of 4 sets of Dear Jane blocks for Holiday Swap.

2. Finish 75 beaded tassels for guild.

3. Hand stitch binding on Geranium quilt.

4. Prep blocks for vacation project.

5. Finish 2 blue hat and sock set for TLC.

6. Finish 3 pairs of socks.

Well, those expectations appear to be reasonable.

So here I am with my eye on the ball, my shoulder to the wheel and my nose to the grindstone. It sure is hard to work in this position.


  1. What a list. I am working on my blog and hoping to have my list on there soon.


Thank you for your comment.......

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Ecclesiastes 9:10