Monday, April 08, 2013

Road to Round Rock..............

I worked as often as I could this week but still did not manage to get up to date on my Road to Round Rock.  I thought I was close this morning but realized that I had not turned the page on the instructions for one of the steps so I will need to do a bit of frogging before I can start to assemble......

Thanks Judy for such a lovely design.......  Lots of lovely things are on design walls every where.  Go HERE to see them...............


  1. What's done looks lovely. Before too long you will be caught up if only because Judy finishes the instructions! You'll have a great looking quilt when done.

  2. Slow and steady is the way to go. Looks great from here!!

  3. Looking so nice - love your color combinations.

  4. This is looking so good. Usually I like bright quilts best but yours is so restful, and of course, I really like blue and green together. Oh, and you are not the only one who has missed a step when "following" the directions. ;-)

  5. Your quilt is looking great. I love the colour scheme. It is so nice to see all of the different RRR quilts, and they all look lovely.

  6. Love the colors in this!

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