Sunday, January 23, 2011

And What To Do Next?

I did finish a couple of things on New Years Day but never paused long enough to take a picture. These were finished some time last year but as usual I did not run the threads so they remained in the UFO list. Now that is done and I have another pair of socks for warm tootsies.

This is a dog coat I made last year but here again I did not run the threads. I just don't like that job at all but it is necessary. Coat does not fit wade so I will send it to Rebekah for TJ.

Now I have 3 hours to play.............. What to do?

Finish making the tea towels?

Add a few hexagons to my dresser scarf?

Finish the sachets I started last month?

Put together another block for my Yellow Quilt?

Work on the Buckshot pincushions started in 2009 (that are actually on the UFO list)?

Of course not........... I found these free patterns here at Primitive Betty's and I am after all in a holiday decorating mood these days.........

Sew I began something new that I hope will become a little pillow with some sachet inside.


  1. question on your hexies - how long do you leave your papers on the back - only until you have some joined on all side? do you baste the fabric to the paper then whip stitch to the next one? I have thought of doing some with the scraps but haven't made up my mind - have not done any English paper piecing and need to find a tutorial for it.

  2. A case of 'familiarity breeds contempt' ?? LOL!! Ah well ... there's always tomorrow :)

    Glad to see you're picking up some cross stitch. You'll enjoy Betty's patterns.

  3. Hi Susan... I see you have more things to do than there is time in a day... If only we had 26 hours in a day we could finish all the things we want to get done... But, I am sure you never get bord with just one thing ... Enjoy your time in your studio... :)


Thank you for your comment.......

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Ecclesiastes 9:10