Monday, October 18, 2010

This weekend was not at all what I expected. The plan was to spend most of Saturday in the studio enjoying myself...............

But the realtor called Friday night to arrange a showing on Saturday at 11:45. That meant getting up and making sure the house was vacuumed and dusted and everything was put away. I even take down the ironing board in the studio when we show the house so that was put away.

We took off the garbage and did the grocery shopping while the house was being shown.

At the Transfer Station is a Hope Chest. A little building where you take things you no longer use but are still in good condition. I have been wanting something for fall decorating but funds are low so Saturday we stopped there.

I found this pumpkin. It was originally a Hallmark Candle. I think it is just the right touch for this table.

I also found this sheath of wheat. You are supposed to put a candle in the center of the wheat and if I can find one the right color I will do that. Otherwise I think it is still an interesting tchatche.............

We came home from grocery shopping and put away the groceries and then headed out again to get haircuts............... By that time I was ready for a wee toes up......... I so enjoy a good nap.

Then cooking dinner and the rest of the evening was spent quilting.

Sunday was spent doing the rest of the weekend requirement. We put the velvet drapes up in the living room. I unpacked a few more winter clothes, did laundry, baked bread and quilted.

I never did make it upstairs again till this morning when I downloaded these pictures.

Maybe tomorrow will be better. This afternoon we have to take one of the clocks to be repaired so I know I can't sew then...........

But I do have Soup in the Crockpot for dinner..............


  1. Anonymous5:15 PM

    I love the quilt on the table in the curtain shot. GORGEOUS. Soup Recipe? My hubs loves soup and I want recipes for the crock. If you'd like to share, I would love to try. Hugs. Tammy

  2. Hi Susan.... I love the finds you found at the swap shop... They are just the right thing to have out for the fall through Thanksgiving... I sure wish we had a swap shop here... Oh well... I can smell the beans and the soup now!!! You are amazing to do all the things that you do when a curve ball is sent your way...All looks beautiful... :)

  3. I too would like your soup receipe if you would be so kind as to share. The swap finds were good. I don't get to go what my dh calls "dump shopping" but we do have a big new Salvation Army store nearby.

  4. I'm ready for bed, and a bowl of that soup would sure hit the spot. I love your table quilts. Very nice with the pumpkin and other goodies you bought.


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