Friday, May 07, 2010

I am not really sure where the week went. I had lots of ambition but that is all. There were things to do but I seemed unable to do any of them. Perhaps it is the changing season but for some reason all I could do is sleep. Went to bed early but got up late feeling like I had not slept at all. I do hope that doesn't happen again.

Saturday I got out the CW buckshot pincushions I began in January. They are all stitched but need to be stuffed. I had stuffed one earlier but I am not pleased with how the top finished so I put them aside while I thought of a better way to finish the top. I now have an idea and Saturday I got out all of the things needed to stuff them. I ran out of pellets after and I will need to use pellets for the last two of them. Then I ran out of stuffing. I did pick up more on Monday and perhaps I will actually get the pincushions finished some time soon.

I also finished my Nine Patch Quilt. It still needs to be washed and the label added but I am pleased to say that it is done at last.

I finished the March embroidery that Kaaren at The Painted Quilt is so good to provide for us. I have a button on my side bar and if you like embroidery look at the lovely ones she has provided for free.

I got the house done for the July Jan Patek 2008 BOM. Now to add the roof and chimneys and applique it to the background.

I finished the April embroidery from Kaaren. She made a notebook cover with her design. I am making a basket cover using mine. Her words at the top or different. I changed them for my project.

At last I got the flimsy made for the next Country Cousin block, the fabrics have been selected and I have started cutting out the pieces to applique.

Maybe next week I can get more stitching done.

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  1. What a BEAUTY to behold!!! Your mini 9 patches are SOOOOO pretty set on point! I need to make the time to get started, I have hundreds already made up (from when I hosted an ongoing mini swap a couple years back)

    I’m thinking I will have things
    wrapped up this summer after the kids’ birthday parties and then I can get started on mine.

    How many did you end up using in your quilt? Finished size lap? twin? queen? thanks.

    Love from Texas! -bonnie


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