Wednesday, June 04, 2008


At last here is a picture of the dog pillow we took to the animal shelter. There are two more ready to stitch closed and three more cut and ready to sew. I am finally using the scraps the Saturday Sewing Society has been giving to me...........

I did get the sashing strips cut the morning for my Hour a Day quilt. I also got one block made for the Block a Week project.

I also got Jean's black purse cut out and the appropriate interfacing. I just did not like what I had on hand for the cover. After work today I plan to head to Murray's and see if I can find something. Her taste is so different from mine and I really hesitate to make this choice but we are only talking about a fat quarter of fabric and about an hour of time so that's not too bad.

My little portion of stitching time has been used up of late with other things like clearing and packing. I keep reminding myself that when all that is done I won't have to do it again.

Once again I have more things planned to do this weekend than I will have time to accomplish.

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