Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lost In Space

We all know where things live in our house. At least most of them. We have set routines and keep items in convenient places. Well, right now I just keep losing things. In the process of clearing out and de-cluttering things get moved and the place some things did live just aren't there anymore.

Saturday we went from three bureaus to three drawers in one bureau. Sewing? Not me. I was tackling the master bedroom. I still have the closet left to clear out. Everything has to be picked up and a decision made as to its usefulness. Then either tossed or packed. If it is something we use frequently it has to be placed in a piece of furniture that we are taking with us. All other things have to be packed for at least 6 months storage. One main question I keep asking is:

"Do I Really Want To Unpack this?"

I am behind in my email, I am behind in my blogging, I am behind in so many areas but I keep reminding myself that when this is all done I will have a few months to catch up on that kind of thing......

The painter will be coming soon and when he does I will have one more room to mark off my list.

Now to work on the next section of the cellar.


  1. Suze, I can feel your pain, as I never enjoy packing or unpacking... :P

    On the shows I remember them saying ask yourself 3 questions:
    1 - Do I LOVE it?
    2 - Do I USE it?
    3 - Can it make me money?

    if not, trash it. I hope over the summer to tackle my closet and totally purge everything out, paint, hang new organizer system, and then only put back in what I actually enjoy wearing and looks nice on me.

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    I know exactly how you feel. Recently when I was packing up my house I ended up packing a cord that hooks up the sound on my computer. I was so worried that I had ruined our computer because I couldn't get any sound. Thankfully my husband new exactly what I had done and helped me fix the problem.


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