Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I slept late this morning. That meant I did not get the sewing done that I had anticipated. I did however manage to get my centers completed for my HAD quilt. I also cut the first border for the Elm Creek Quilt. I must get the borders on and that project complete before Saturday.

I undid the stitching just a tad on the cross seams so that I could pinwheel the center to eliminate much of the bulk there. I did not cut them with the seam ripper but gently undid the seam. I think they will hold well.

This is not a good closeup picture but then I am still learning about my camera.

Last night I managed to get the heel turned on the black sock and nowI am halfway through with the gusset. It will be downhill from then on. I really need to get this sock finished.

After work yesterday I made it to Curves. I had to go easy on two machines because of a stiff neck problem. It is still bothering me today but Lem got some of those heat pads and I am wearing one.........

After Curves, I went home and Lem and I went out for errands. You know the usual, Pharmacy and grocery store. Going into the grocery store I spotted Norfolk Island Pines about 4 feet tall complete with some red bows and red ornaments on sale for $19.00. Yes, one came home with me. It will be our Christmas tree this year.

After we got home, I fixed dinner for us and while that was cooking I set up the coffee pots for tomorrow and laid out what I would wear to work. It is always good to have that done but I am not always good at doing it.

I tried working on the Wisteria Sampler but I just could not get going. It is still set up on the table and if all goes well, I can get some stitching done after work. This is one afternoon I have nothing scheduled for after work. I would really like to get the row of leaves finished on this and the beads sewn on for the grapes and then I could start the Klostern blocks and the Hardanger Embroidery.............

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  1. I have "learn to knit socks" on my things I want to do. Your look great!


Thank you for your comment.......

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