Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Just to Let You Know

............. I am having real ISSUES here.......

Last night I managed to complete 4 ladder sets before heading off to bed. Where I laid there for several hours before "Mr. Sandman" came along. Yup, right, overslept..........I did not get downstairs till late so my hour was cut short. I did manage to get the geese sew onto each side of the square and the smaller blocks cut for the other geese that go on either side of that block. Perhaps I can finish them before dinner tonight.

Then upstairs to put away things from the guest room. I even found the labels for the first two quilts I listed so I might even get them sewn on.

Well, the reason I could not get to sleep was because I could not think of any material I had to make a quilt like the pink one Judy is making. I want to go to Thousands of Bolts for a look but I will resist......... The question is - Will I be able to sleep tonight?

In addition to working on a complete listing of all quilty things to complete, I plan to be working on getting my sewing space spiffy............

I will be getting off work soon and then I get to go home and trade cars so that I can do the errand dance. My car is having a nervous breakdown and we need for him to hang in there just a bit longer so when I have places to go, I trade cars with spouse.

First stop will be the bank, then off to the Christmas Tree shop because Sheila told me at Curves yesterday that they have leather gloves for $2.99. Also I need some small muffin tins to make dressing balls. (Recipe to be posted later.) One last stop at the grocery store and then to Fullers to get some empty boxes. The weather is supposed to be warm tomorrow and if it is I can pack up some boxes in the garage.

I sure am glad Lem is cooking tonight. He cooks one night each week. I need to see if I can get him up to two nights..............


  1. This kinda sounds to me like I'm getting blamed for something that isn't my fault! Hey, if you can't sleep tonight, lay there and think good thoughts for me (not that I need them but that's better than getting blamed!). And, just in case surprises keep you up at night .. the UPS man may be paying you a visit some time next week with a little surprise!

  2. After all that activity today I would think you could sleep tonight. I would think you would be making the ornament covers in your sleep!! They are very pretty - I can't wait to see them all finished.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

  4. Hey, my friend, seems like you're in urgent need of a GOOD NIGHT SLEEP ! What a busy week, indeed ! But you're making such lovely ornaments !

    Take care,
    Hugs & smiles,


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