Saturday, November 24, 2007

How Did This Happen?

This is the question asked by Judy of Sunshine Quilt Fame.

For me it is a different story. I get the fabric to make a specific quilt......... Occasionally I will pick up a few yards of a fabric just because I like it but mostly it is for a project. I just don't seem to have much of an understanding of how long it actually takes to make a quilt.

Being near the end of a project is also a dangerous time because I start thinking "This didn't take long so I can do it again for three special people I know."....... Then I buy the fabric for three more but before I start them I have one more thing that has a deadline and they get put aside.

I spent some time today doing a little housekeeping in the studio. That always brings home just how many projects there really are.

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  1. Celine Combet5:50 PM

    Dear Susan,

    I am not sure if you are getting my emails so I thought I'd left a comment on your blog, just in case! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving even if it was quiet.
    Since you said you have done a little housekeeping in your studio I wonder if you came accross my Row Jane blocks amongst all your projects! Could you please send them back so I can have them for Christmas? I would love to see them again after so long... If you need my mailing address again, I'll send it to you privately. Thanks and take care,
    Celine in UK


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