Thursday, January 04, 2007

There is Pink & Then There is Pink

Some of you might remember that in August, my daughter Rebekah and I began a quilt together. We went totally over the top in the “marked down” section at a Tumbleweed Quilts buying pink fabric. The idea was to make a quilt that I had seen on the cover of the “Quilts from the Henry Ford” book by Fons and Porter. She is doing ½ of the blocks and I am doing the other half. The deadline we established is Feb. 14th. I just didn’t realize until we got a few blocks competed that I had taken a turn in the wrong direction. Since we both want that quilt we are adjusting our thinking on the assembly.

I have found a fabric at Thousands of Bolts that should be the perfect sashing. Now if I could just remember to measure the blocks I have I can figure out how much fabric to purchase. We could use the pink part as the sashing with black cornerstones and pink heart shaped buttons sewn to the cornerstones. At least that is the plan now. Even this can change as nothing is written in stone yet.

Rebekah is coming to visit again in June and we will assemble the quilt together. Then we will have a nice soft hug from each other as comfort when we are apart.

Thank you to everyone for the support and kind words. Darlene is right, I need to remember that it is process over product and enjoy the journey. She has a grand idea for 2007 and I plan to follow her.....


  1. I like the pink! Can't wait to see the finished project. Enjoy the time and memory you are sharing with your daughter.

  2. I am loving every minute I spend working on this project! It is like a hug from my Mum every minute I spend stitching. I can believe how quickly this is coming together. I look forward to dipping my toes in the water with you in June.


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