Monday, December 11, 2006

Beaded Ornament Tree

This tree is for the beaded ornaments. I really need to make more of them so that it is full. Perhaps I will after we move to NC. They all came from Beadecked Ornaments Pattern Books

They are not hard to make. All but one of them fits over the top of the ornament so if the ornament gets broken you can just put the beaded portion on another one. There is one that is closed at the bottom. That one would have to be re-made if the ornament broke. Now that they have unbreakable ornaments I might make more of the type that close at the bottom.


  1. I really enjoyed putting the beaded ornaments you made on my tree. They add just the right touch.

  2. LOVELY ornaments! Thank you for sharing... I love the soft warm feel I get by looking at the photos you've provided. I can smell the wassail from here! ;)

  3. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Isn't fun to make beaded ornaments I have that book.


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