Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Baby Steps

For several weeks now Wade Hamilton (in the right) has enjoyed having a friend,
Sophie, stay over while her mother has surgery...

They are always with me in the kitchen.  I might just drop something...

I finished sweater #2.  This one is for Xavier....  Now to get them mailed tomorrow..

At night I have been enjoying stitching my Cathedral Window.  I have nine blocks complete.  This is four single blocks.

This is four other blocks that I am beginning to assemble.  The plan is to assemble them in sections of four blocks and then assemble the sections together....


  1. The Cathedral Windows blocks caught my eye. Is there a pattern you are working from. I'd really like to do one, but haven't found good directions.

  2. Lokking so pretty. When I made mine, I did one row at and then attached it to the quilt. That way I was always working from the bottom edge. These quilts sure get heavy.


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