Monday, May 30, 2016

New Family Additions

The setting ducks are starting to hatch..........

One nest full joined the world on Tuesday morning before we were up but on Wednesday we got to watch another nest full hatch.......

Mama is still on the nest below.

She would scoot back as the hatched. 

Until they all made it into the world.  The yellow seemed to fade within an hour and they took on the
duller colors of the Mallard.

Another nest hatched yesterday but I failed to get pictures in time.......  That nest had two bright yellow chicks that stayed bright yellow.  I will be watching for them because I wonder if they might be the offspring of the Pekin Duck we have in our flock.


Bond and Kathy sent these flowers.....  I am still enjoying them............

This arrangement came from my Sunday school class.........

I am so blessed by the Lord with the family and friends He has provided for us.  Through this time of sorrow they have been holding us up in prayer, visiting, bring food and other things that would be needed.  They have offered us comfort and held our hand as we walked this path of sorrow.
Jean and Bill dropped everything and came from Midlothian.  

Look around today and regardless of your circumstances you will find that the Lord has given you a blessing.

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