Monday, November 16, 2015

Getting Closer

Here it is.......  Ready (almost) to hand over to the owner......  I still need to attach the small squares but I am waiting for Georgina to approve the placement.....  I am hoping to find someone to embroider a label for the bottom border....

Still needs layering, quilting and binding but this is a step closer to complete.....

Next up is to complete the knitted angels for Christmas.........

Ten are complete and I am hoping to make it an even dozen but I doubt I will have time......  Maybe next year..... I was going to add a link for acquiring the book but it must be out of print.  Amazon has one for $44.00 dollars....... Whew........


  1. I like the Zeta t-shirt quilt -- great border idea. I finished a t-shirt quilt this weekend--the mom picked it up yesterday. She was pleased, and I was relieved!

  2. Your Zeta t-shirt quilt is nice. I agree that the border is great. I am finishing a rag t-shirt quilt this week that has given me fits. But it will soon be done.

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