Monday, April 01, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Thanks to Judy at Patchwork Times you can see what is going on in quilt studios around the world.  Thiso comes with the warning that you will find lots of lovely ideas for things to do yourself and add to the list of things you want to do.......  The link is HERE...............

A week ago I was in charge of the BOM at our guild.........  Everyone was to bring in any block..........  There were many doubters but I am pleased to say that it went rather well.........  There are several gifted people in our guild and this is the quilt they designed.............

Things keep happening here in Eastern North Carolina.........  Lem was not well last week and we finally spent seven hours in the Emergency Room Saturday night....He is on the road to recovery at last.....

I was unable to get into the studio for the last week and a half........  Now it is time to update my TO DO list and see if I can begin to move forward..........


  1. Wow! That's going to be really nice!

  2. Those blocks look so good together. No one would think that they weren't planned!

  3. Your project looks great, and even better that everyone could join in.

  4. The quilt turned out great. It's amazing how things come together.

  5. It is a challenge to put lots of different blocks together but the end result is satisfying. Great job. Glad Lem is on the road to recovery.

  6. That will be an exciting quilt. I hope Lem is feeling better.

  7. I just have to laugh after years of working in quilt shops and dealing with quilters who plan, overplan, then plan some more to get colors and blocks just right then you put everything under the sun together and it looks great.


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