Thursday, February 28, 2013

Get It Done - March

Well, only three items left on the list for this month....... Not on the list is the ruffled scarves that I work on each night.......  Nor the preemie socks and hats that were made and given away.....
As you can see from the list on the sidebar many other things were finished but the main four are complete.

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 For February

  • *DONE* Lori Smith Block One, Two and Three
  • *DONE* Binding for Challenge Quilt
  • *DONE* Blocks and Borders for Kate's Quilt
  • *DONE* Prairie Points for Challenge Quilt

For March

  • Bind Lucinda's Gift
  • Layer, bind and quilt small quilt
  • Last block for Leanne's House
  • Lori Smith Block 4


  1. Wow - you did a great job on your February's goals!

  2. Wow, Susan. You really got a lot done this past month. I checked out the list on your side bar and I'm impressed with all the different things you accomplished. Please receive a virtual "pat on the back" from me.

  3. Anonymous1:46 AM

    Wow, you're going to finish Leanne's House! Yay! You're getting a lot done each month.


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