Monday, February 25, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Block four of the mini table runner is finished........

And all of the blocks are sewn together..........

Thank you to the person I got the link from..........  I don't remember who it was and would like to give the proper credit.......  I am not happy with my work in this quilt........  I really think that I need to hand piece blocks this small......  Yes, I will use this one and Yes I will attempt to make a better one..... I lost too many points and I did not have enough contrast in color selection.........

Go to Patchwork Times for other things being made around the world........  You might find a delightful pattern as I did this one.........HERE


  1. I like your project..It looks great to me.

  2. It looks great. I love the colors and the scrappiness of the blocks.

  3. Don't be too hard on yourself. Your blocks are very cute and the colors are just perfect to my eye. Sometimes when we see everything up close we are critical of our work, but a step back will do wonders.

  4. oh it is so pretty, don't look at it through a microscope! Can't wait to see it finished

  5. I love you little blocks. What size are they? Maybe I'll do something similar with my little triangle square leftovers.

  6. The blocks look pretty together and especially in those fabric. I would not worry about the lost points - the main point is you learned from making it and your finished project is lovely.

  7. It's charming. And it looks like it is done. I like done myself.


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