Friday, June 15, 2012

On The Needles Friday

I finally remembered that today was Friday and I want to join in............  Just stitch up the toe of the last sock and one pair will be complete...........  I plan to send these to a very dear friend for her birthday.......

Now I needed something to put on the needles for next week...........  I had planned to work on Kim's sweater but I could not find it........  I found her yarn and the instructions but the part that I had started is among the missing............  While looking around I found this..........

Someone made a felted bag and I just HAD TO HAVE ONE.........You know how that works.....  The reality of the time involved and the time you have to spend on said project at that time doesn't enter into the picture at all........  I just rush right out and get what I need for that project.........And when I get home it gets put aside until I have time.........  And so many other things crowd in on your time and you forget what it was you were making.....................

This project is just another one I HAD TO HAVE and now I have forgotten what it looked like.......  I do know that I wanted to make two of them...  One for me and one for Jean..........  When the socks are done I will get started on these Felted Bags..........

There is a collection of lovely things on the needle at Patchwork Times.......HERE


  1. I love your socks. And isn't that little bag ever so handy!! I keep mine in my purse-you never know when you will need to knit. :)
    I can't wait to see the felted bags.

  2. I have socks out of that yarn too and they have held up so well.

    Like Judy, I want to see those felted bags too.

  3. You seem a kindred spirit! Love your socks! Iyou gave me an idea of what to do next.... I was thinking @ picking back up a summer sweater already on the needles, but I have an entralac bag that is to be completed & felted... That may be my next project! Thanks for sharing!

  4. That's the yarn I used for my first pair of socks. Great yarn, washes great (dried flat). You will love them!

  5. Great socks! Love the red!

  6. I have made some socks from that very yarn! IIR, it was the Broadripple pattern.

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