Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mill Girls Week Two

I am surprised to report that I have actually finished week two for Mill Girl Quilts.... And it looks promising that I will finish week three on time. What you see is 80 hour glass blocks...

A few weeks ago we went to Richmond to get some things I had ordered for the house......

Bill, Lem and Jason are checking to make sure all is secured for the trip back to NC.

Jean fixed us a delightful lunch and we had some time to enjoy being together before we had to come home.

The following week we went to visit Rebekah. She and I stopped at Loving Stitches in Fayetteville and I saw some placemats I really liked. I did purchase some fabric and when I got home I actually drafted the pattern, cut them out and assembled four placemats.

I need to pick up some backing and batting to finish this project but it is the first time I have ever brought something home and actually made it right away........ I rather like that feeling and hope that I can do that more often............

I also got my two blocks done for the Block of the Quarter swap at the guild. They have been turned in already so that is one less thing I will need to remember.

This afternoon Lem and I are going out to the house to see how it is progressing. We had so many things to do this week that we never got out there but once..............

Maybe I can get some good pictures to share later.

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  1. Hi Susan... Only 80 hour glass blocks... WOW you have surely been busy... I love what you did with the placemat... It is beautiful and you did a wonderful in designing the block... I alos love the Maple leaf... I bet you will be glad to have the final move done... Hugs :)


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