Monday, July 04, 2011

Reporting in

I finally finished the last stitch on my Streak of Sunshine quilt. The pattern is on Bonnie Hunter's site......HERE..

This shows why I should have cleared off the design board sooner and put this quilt on it... Did not even notice the problem till it was quilted............ Yes, I do know better but since we got to NC I seem to make one foolish error after another. Perhaps one day soon I will be in the groove again.

Jane came by one day last week with a new dishcloth pattern to share. We sat and knit and chatted and just enjoyed being together.......... This is the outcome........

Thanks Jane for such a pleasant day..........

And of course the ubiquitous House Pictures.

Jason has just walked from the dining room into the family room. That big opening should be an arch way.........

This is the master bedroom looking out to the back..........

The back porch is ready for the concrete to be poured. Probably tomorrow.........

The garage is poured and now I have sturdier steps leading into the house. Jason even nailed up a hand rail for me.......... He sure is a good son.

And the front porch is poured........

Lem's computer is in for repairs and we are sharing mine right now. That means I am able to be online less........ Maybe I will get something done on that LONG list for July.......

Now off to make a couple of batches of cookies. I am giving each crew a batch of cookies and tomorrow will be the Heat and Air workers and the the crew that Pours Concrete...........

Hope all are having a safe and happy holiday................


  1. I wouldn't have noticed your oops if you hadn't mentioned that there was one. And I had to look for awhile to find it. The house is looking great! How long until you move in?

  2. I had trouble seeing the mistake on your quilt and probably wouldn't have even noticed. Your house is just going to be wonderful.

  3. Yeah, it took me some while to see the boo boo! And that's because you mentioned it.

    Did you not use Bonnie's tubing method?

  4. Hi Susan... as I always said " It is what it is..." It took me a few minutes to find it and The ladies are right... If you do not say anything no one will notice... The house is comming along great... Hugs :)

  5. I have my husband look over my layouts before I stitch the rows together to be sure I haven't misplaced a color or block. He has such a detailed eye he picks up on boo-boos easily. Guess that's why he is a good architectural draftsman - details.

    Donna K. from N. TX @

  6. First.... this is the same kind of home that hubby and I would LOVE to own... if we can ever win the lottery! LOL

    Second, the eye is a funny thing. If you had not pointed out the there were boo-boos in your quilt, I would never have noticed them. Makes for a more "human-like" quilt, don't you think? *grin*

    Tks for sharing!



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