Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Wasn't on the List....

No this is not on the list of things to do this week........... BUT........it was in a puddle under the ironing board after I had sewn the ends together and the easiest way to get it up was to stitch it up........... Now it is in the 'Lets Go to Greenville' bag so that I can find some fabric for the borders and backing...........

This was on the list...... I did get the second KAL for July finished. Now do I wait for July or forge ahead with the last one for May? Only time will tell.

That is supposed to be a bird in there somewhere.......... Kind of cute........ The yarn had some slubs in it and that made one side a bit wonky but it was made to wash dishes with.

For some time now I have been following Leah Day on Free Motion Quilting Project....(HERE)

Now that I have retired and have more time I thought it was reasonable for me to learn to turn some of my tops into quilts......... I have purchased many books and some DVD's on machine quilting. I finally realized that purchasing the instructions did not give you the ability. I read some of them and tried a few projects and I have even done some stippling on quilts but I was never satisfied that I was doing in RIGHT..........

Several weeks ago I ordered Leah's Basics for Beginners........... Today I plan to watch the DVD while I wait for the butter to soften for the cookies (forgot to take it out of the refrigerator last night).

This is the quilt that was chosen for the experiment......... Let's see what happens.


  1. I love the blocks from your KAL. I like the quilt - bright happy colors. Your house is going to be wonderful. I love that upstairs space where you can put your stash, Christmas and other things.

  2. Hi Susan... I can see the bird in the washcloth... I just love the quilt top that you did... The colors are wonderful... It is great to do something that is not on a to do list... Just a break from other projects.. Hugs :)

  3. Quick and easy piecing there with those strips.

    I have been following Leah Day's blog too and really have to try some FMQ in the NEAR future! Let me know how it goes ;)


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