Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Maybe Now I Can Sew

My Small Quilts Yahoo Group is having another challenge and I want to join in.

And I am working on my Strawberry Fields Quilt as a Leader/Ender.

I even got the Janome cleared off enough yesterday to finish quilting the Care Quilt.

But the rest of the Studio is a disaster........ Piles of things everywhere. I decided that I needed a bookcase but we are trying not to buy anything until we move again.........

I happen to have another cabinet like this one in the garage.......... I thought that when Jason came over again he could help Lem bring it into the house but I needed a place to put it.

I took the three drawer carts that were stacked on this wall and put them under the tables. That left this wall blank and all ready for the cabinet...........

I put the little two drawer cabinets on the long table.

It still doesn't look all that great but at least I can move around better and I might even get some sewing done........


  1. Room's looking good and glad to see you're moving along with SF.

  2. Hi Susan... I just love the cabinet.. Your studio looks great and a wonderful place to sew... You are so orginzed.. How do you keep all thoses diffrent projects seprated... I would be so confused... You are amazing... Hugs :)

  3. The cabinet is so nice, much to nice to be in the garage, and it will be useful and beautiful in your sewing room.


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