Thursday, May 12, 2011


My nieces wedding was on Saturday. Lem and I were able to attend....... How good it was to be with family for such a special occasion.

She got married on the beach at Emerald Isle...... The weather was bright and sunny but not too hot.

I promised my sister that I would get a picture of Lem and I so here it is Jean.............

The mother of the bride is in front followed by the bride and her father.

Sunday Jason and Kim took us out to lunch at McCalls in Goldsboro. Then Jason showed me where all the fabric shops were there........... Lem and I hope to get there some time next week for some shopping.

Monday morning bright and early they started digging the foundation.

Not much to see now. Lem and I are going out there later today to see what else has been done.

Yesterday was the Guild meeting. Our guild gave a donation to the Kinston Arts Council. They let us meet there each week and there is no fee....... These funds were raised from a quilt raffle they did last year.............

There was also a Show and Tell portion of the meeting. This quilt was made by putting crumbs of fabric on dryer sheets............

The center of this quilt was donated and someone finished it as a donation quilt.

One member passed away and the family donated two unfinished quilts for the guild to quilt and donate.

Another member made two pincushions as gifts for visitors to our guild.

This quilt was sent to a member by a friend........ It was purchased at an estate sale and the label on the back said that it was pieced as a wedding quilt in 1936 and the quilting was completed in 1996. That is a good reason for me to want to get all of my tops quilted now..........

It was mentioned that there is a quilt show in Morehead City this weekend. I called Rebekah and she and Robert are driving here on Saturday so that we can all go together.

Now off to do some ironing before Lem's next Doctor's appointment.........


  1. Nice pic of you and Lem! So much fun going on in the guild!

  2. What a beautiful couple you are :-)
    Thanks for sharing the wedding and the quilts too!

  3. Hi Susan...I love where you lot is located... What a beautiful view... You can see for miles... I love the guild pictures... Yes, we all need to finish all the unfinished projects.... You have settled in very nicely... Miss ya Hugs :)


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