Tuesday, April 26, 2011

From One House to Another

On April 7th the truck showed up to take our belongings to NC.....

The house was looking rather empty except for all the boxes..................

They opened all the doors to take things out and it was rather cold that day. Rebekah found a place on the sofa and wrapped up in a quilt.

Little by little it was all put on the truck.

On April 11th the truck arrived in NC.............. And the process began of unloading everything.

Little by little things came into the house. Most of it went into the garage. That is where we are storing all of the things we can do without for the next six months.

The Studio got full first of course. I am still trying to get it arranged.

Lem's office already had a desk in it so we stored his in the garage. That was much easier than trying to move them.

The house was built in 1952 and has lots of lovely touches. Like the shelves over the stove. They are so much fun that I plan to have them put in the new house.

Here it is.................. on Meriwether Lane...........

A lovely street and a pleasant neighborhood.

This is the view from the kitchen window.

And on down the block...............

Now to get the necessary unpacking done..............


  1. It's a lovely house and neighborhood. Have fun unpacking. UGH, such a lot of work!

  2. lovely yard- have fun unpacking!

  3. Must be quite tiring packing and unpacking again ... but in a good way. Just take it slow and steadily. A lovely house which will soon be a cozy home.

  4. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Nice House, Lovely yard, Enjoy !, and warmer than Cape Cod ! Judy B.

  5. Beautiful house with lots of pretty flowering trees. Hope you take some time to stitch in between all the work of unpacking.

  6. Hi Susan... I can not fathem all the unpacking for 6 months then move again... I but, you and Lem will be happy when you are in your own place... Lovely neighborhood... The flowers on the trees and LEAVES on the trees... I am Jellous... Go slow and enjoy your time... Put your feet up and have a cup of tea... Hugs :)

  7. this is soooo amazing...but I grew up at 612 Meriwether Lane and you are living in the Byrd's house!!!

    too many memories, kickball, basketball, skating,neighborhood newspaper, Buddy's band playing in your garage and the whole neighborhood came to hear and dance...Carolyn Sutton across the street and her mom still lives there...the Kings down the street, the Malones, the Pikes, the Skinners and I could go on...


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