Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Maple Table

This is for my sister.......... We had a discussion today about tables and I promised her a picture of the Maple Table........ My grandfather made this one...... Great end table and the drawers hold knitting or whatever I am working on at the time......

This is the Thangles 2010 BOM. I got the sashing cut and placed....... Now to sew them together and make the Friendship Stars that are the cornerstones..........

Tomorrow I will finish packing the living room and I might even get some sewing done.


  1. You are on a roll, despite having to pack for THE move!

  2. It may be for your sister that you did this post but I love to see classic furniture. I really like the style of it. Being a wood worker myself I can appreciate the time he put into it. Some of my most precious belongings once belonged to my grandmother. They aren't worth much by the world's monetary standards but to me they're priceless! Hope the packing is going well.

  3. Hi Susan... The table is a great memory of your grandfather... I love the table.. He was very good with his hands as well as you are...The sashing between the blocks are wonderful... Looks like the quilt will be done before you move... :)

  4. Your table is great - what a treasure! I do love your quilt - nice fabric selections.

  5. I love your table and I'm sure that the sentimental value adds much to your enjoyment of it. My brother does woodworking and I have an end table, a drop lead table and small computer desk that he has made and I enjoy them much more than the things that I have bought. Your quilt is lovely and amazing since you are packing and still getting it done. I'm very impressed.


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