Thursday, February 24, 2011

One Flower Wednesday/Thursday

Here I am again............a day late.............. I do hope you will think "Better late than never"......

Somehow I managed to finish four hexagons this week.......... It was not easy. Lots going on around here.

Monday was a holiday and some schools were out for the whole week. We have had lots of extra people on the Cape looking for a place to rent in the summer and some folks wanting to buy a house.

We have had eight couples looking at our house this past week............... Whew........ I would get up every morning and make sure all was neat as a pin........... Put out the show towels and put the show bedspread on our bed........ Then we would wait for the time to leave so they could come to look...............

One time we got home and I went to take the show bedspread off the bed and Wade Hamilton followed me. He stopped at the door and stared at the corner where his crate usually sits. ( It had been folded up and put away for the showing.) He then walked over to the spot where it should have been and looked all around......... Poor baby. He thought his home was gone for good but his daddy came in and got it out for him.

We put his basket of toys out of sight for each showing and when we get it out again he carefully checks to make sure that it is all there.

We did get to sit Skaket beach and have lunch a couple of days............. Time will tell. Maybe someone will purchase our home and we can spend the rest of the year in North Carolina.


  1. Hi Susan... With all the hussel and bussel, I am suprised you were able tho get some hexies done... I love the beach pictures... I forgot to let you know that I love the video of your home... Well done... Hang in there, your house will sell.... :)

  2. I hope you have good luck with one of those families that toured your house. I think it would be wonderful to spend time in North Carolina. I really enjoyed visiting there. Love your hexies in the window.

  3. Beautiful photos and I love how you displayed your flowers in the window. An excellent picture!

  4. I love the way you have your hexies displayed! I usually finish mine at about midnight, so I'm not very creative in photographing them. Love all your other photos, too!


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