Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More About Socks

Every evening Lem and I sit with the TV on.......... Yes, I confess, I do watch television. It is a background for knitting.............. I make socks..........And sometimes mittens.......

I usually make them for myself but lately I have given away a pair or two.......

The weather in NC where my son lives has been colder than usual these past two winters. I decided that he needed some wool socks to keep his feet warm. I remembered hearing about someone in Brewster that raised sheep for the wool and thought it would be fun to make the socks from that yarn......... A little Google search and I found Heather Mangelincx . You can read an article about her here.

After talking with her I found that she did not have any sock yarn and that is really what I wanted. But she sold her yarn to Bartlett Mills in Maine....You can read more about Bartlett Mills here

I ordered two cones of yarn............. One Navy and one called Scotia. Each cone is one pound and cost $35.00................ So far I have made two pairs of socks from one cone and I have started the third pair. One pair is in the picture but Lem is wearing the other pair. I have found this to be a good utility yarn for socks and I see many more pairs in my future.

I started a pair of socks for Kim in 2009. Something came along to take its place before the last three inches were done. Why do I let that happen. Now I have gone back to them and managed to drop a few stitches. Just enough to make me put them down again. After I finish my third pair of mens socks I plan to revive my interest in these socks.

I also made a pair of socks for Rebekah. Nice soft wool socks from The Wooly West. She too has some great yarns and lovely sock patterns not to mention shawls. You can find her here. The red was added to the toe of the socks to remind the owner that these socks are hand wash only.

Occasionally the mind wearies of the same old thing so Sunday I got a small ball of left over yarn from making hats and made a pair of mittens. I can finish the second pair tonight and give them to Joanie tomorrow. She knows someone here that provides mittens and hats to children that need them.

Now I am off to do a wee bit of organizing...........


  1. Wow! That's a LOT of knitting going on.

  2. Lots of great warmth here! I love the purple socks, but can see why they're on the back burner!


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