Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I Haven't Been Idle

I have stitched the last Valentine cross stitch from Primitive Betty........ Now to make one more pillow........

I also cut out a heart and made pincushions for my Breakfast Club friends...........

Weather permitting we will get together tomorrow and I can give them their Valentine....


  1. What cute pincushions. I hope you have good weather so you can get together.

  2. Super cute pin cushions Suze - I bet the receivers will be thrilled :-)

  3. Another cross-stitch piece ... lovely!

  4. What a lovely gift! Over here in the UK we only send Valentines to husbands, boyfriends or partners. I forgot that you're much more inclusive in the USA! You can't have too much love, so spread it around!

  5. Hi Susan... Your Breakfast Cllub will nlove what you are giving them... What a lovely job on the needle work and the heart shape pin cushion... I know your hands are never idel... Lovelyn job... Happy Valentine's day to you and yours.... :)


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