Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Day Got Away From Me

I started off by filling one sachet.......... Now I need to add the bow to the top........

Then I started getting the backing ready for the GFG quilt so that it could be basted. Didn't take long to realize that I needed to take it downstairs where the floor is bigger and I could spread it out to make sure it was the right size.....

As I walked through the kitchen I remembered that I wanted to make some Valentine cookies for a few friends.............

And while doing that why not make a batch of butterscotch macadamia nut cookies for Lem.

I found the heart shaped cookie cutters at the Christmas Tree ship for $1.00..... They also look decorative lined up on the window sill beside the Primrose.

I think I baked the Butterscotch Macadamia nut cookies a bit too long... I will bake the next ones a bit less.

Put the cookies in the cute little bags and headed off to see my favorite butcher and cashier. I came home with hamburger patties for dinner one night next week. I sure wish I could take the butcher with me to NC........ If not I hope I can find one near where we are going to be living. How nice to have hamburger that does not melt away into grease and chicken breast that are already trimmed and ready to cook........... Or to have him pound them for me for recipes that require it...............

It only seemed right to end the day in the kitchen so I made pizza for supper. My first attempt. Not bad.......... There are some things I would change but I was pleased with the outcome.

Maybe today I will get something accomplished................


  1. After reading that post, I think there is a chance that we could be rated. Ha! It looks like you had a very productive and fun day, too.

  2. Not rated...I meant related.

  3. Hi Susan... And you wonder why you can't get any sewing done... I bet your kitchen and whole house smelled wonderful... Alln of it looks so good enen Lem's cookies... You did a lot in one day... :)

  4. What a productive day minus sewing! Well at least you're keeping busy ... one has to eat you know ... even if it's cookies and pizza!

  5. Susan I know you use to use ricki and the village farm. And I see you talked about your butcher here, is that still ricki? We use to use him all the time for good meat but since the village farm closed not sure where he went. Is he still local?


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