Thursday, January 13, 2011

You Know What They Say

About best laid plans...............

I did try but it was just not to be. Tuesday went well.......... I did home making duties till after lunch and then came upstairs to sew. But my Nemesis came to visit so it was a wee toes up I had instead............

I did manage to finish one of the two mug mats I wanted to make that day...........

I have also been knitting along each evening and I now have three pairs of socks completed. One pair was half done at the beginning of the year but the other two were made this year. Too bad that only one pair is on my list of projects to finish for this year. That would be the bottom pair. They will go well with a quilted sweatshirt I made several years ago. It is finished but I am not happy with the way I finished the neck so I will be re-making it at some point.

Today it is off to work again......... Oh well, maybe tomorrow I will get some fun time in.........


  1. I have made several mug rugs but have yet to make one for myself! I guess I need to do that.

  2. Quick work on the mug rug! And spring like colours too.

  3. Hi Susan...The Mug Rug is lovely... The color's are bright and it was quilted lovely... Boy, the socks looks warm and cozy... My favorite one is the multi color one...You are so talented.... :)

  4. Wow. I love your socks. Makes me want to pull out the "singles" I have knit and turn them into pairs. They are just so warm to wear in the winter. Cute mug rug, too!

  5. Love those socks, Susan! You have my sympathy on moving your office; we did that twice where I used to work, and then they moved another time after I retired....a zillion library books and other stuff. What a chore. Haven't stopped by your blog for a while as things were crazy here. Happy New Year a tad late.

  6. I LOVE your mug mat....I really need to make me some...and your socks are so pretty! I'm still slogging my way through a pair of socks - i think i'll never be done:)


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