Friday, January 21, 2011

I am still trying out different schedules to see which is the most productive. So far I have spent too much time downstairs being Susan Good Wife and not enough upstairs sewing......... That also meant NO time on the computer since it is upstairs in the studio.........

I did manage to get a dozen blue tea towels cut out and the scallop edge marked.

I still need to turn the scallop and stitch the other three sides.......... Then I can cut out the dozen white tea towels that I bought fabric for....................

I then picked up my One Hex on Wednesday and completed two of them........ But I did not get them posted on Wednesday. I have decided to make a dresser scarf for the master bedroom.... Years ago I purchased a three drawer chest at a yard sale for $10.00 (picture later). It was painted white but it seemed to be sturdy so I brought it home. I think it might be oak under all of that white paint so one day I hope to strip it and refinish it........ Right now it could use something to cover the top and these Hexagons are going to be just the thing.

Lem is working on a test so I am babysitting Wade Hamilton. He thinks he should sit on Lem's desk in front of the keyboard all the time and that makes it hard to work.

So far I have several things going on in the studio and none of them are on my 2011 UFO list.....Silly me...............


  1. Hi Susan... Sounds to me you are quite the busy lady... Ay least you got the tea towels cut and sewed.... Hang in there, it will get better... :)

  2. Your towels are looking fine! You know how I love those scallop borders!

    Take it easy and stay focused on your 2011 to-do-list! Easier said than done huh? :)

  3. I hate when that Good Wife person takes time away from the quilting person here, too. Love those hexagons.


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