Thursday, December 02, 2010

No pictures, just chat...........

I haven't been able to get upstairs since the end of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Sometimes it is like that.

It appears that I will not get to sew again until next week sometime. Well, such is life and we need to be grateful for what we have. Remember, make the most of the least and the best of the worst.

The coming weekend will be a busy one for me. Someone coming to look at the house on Saturday. That means getting it vacuumed and dusted and ready to show Saturday morning. Since the washer died last year we have to go to the laundromat so we can do that plus a few errands while the realtor shows the house.

I am gradually putting the "Act as if it is true" suggestion into practice. I have always wanted to bake bread but felt that it was too hard.......... Then I started blogging and came across Patchwork Times. With Judy's encouragement I tried to bake my own bread. It was much easier than I thought it would be and now I wouldn't consider buying a loaf of bread. Of course it cost more for me to make my own because I like to give it away......... There is something special about the look people get when you give them a loaf of home baked bread.

Hanne at Hanne's Quilt Corner gave me encouragement to finish more and start less. It has taken me some time to get my mind around that concept but I am making progress and I really like finishing. There are so many things at my house that need to be finished and I am slowly starting less and finishing more...........

I enjoy blogging........ You learn so much from others and it has given me the courage to try things I never would have tried in the past.........


  1. I too am trying hard to start less and finish more -- it is soooo hard!!
    I love making bread but do not do it often or we eat too much of it.

  2. Hi Susan... I never made homemade bread but, always wanted to give it a try... Maybe on day...You are right about getting so much information from other bloggers... I love to blog as well.. Thanks for getting me started... I am lik you in some ways by trying to finish thing that I started... I am slowly getting there... Good Luck with the sale of the house.. :)

  3. I love to blog surf and find way too many interesting things that I want to try and I do. In the New Year I plan to set down some sort of rule to finish some of my UFOs before starting new things.


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