Monday, December 27, 2010

More Rearranging

I moved my 6 foot table from the other room. I am getting an 8 foot table delivered on Wednesday. There is one at the office and since the furniture there is being sold I purchased the larger table for machine quilting....................

I thought this table would be the perfect place to keep extra projects on. Little did I know that I would fill it up.

The Duchess (Featherwieght) has not moved. I like having her under the window. I sewed for 16 years in the basement with no view of the outside and I really like watching the scene from the window.

This is the last area that needs work. I really must spend some time getting all of those papers organized in some fashion.

As you can see, the design wall has not changed in months. Perhaps soon..........

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  1. Hi agin... I forgot to tell you in your post befor this one ... I surly miss the Christmas Tree shop... I love the bargins thy have... I love the mugs and they will be a great gift with your Mug Rugs... I love what you did with your Sewing Studio,,, I know what you mean about the window.. I have my Studio in the basement (finished).. I want big windows... But, it is what it is and I am lucky to have a Studio... :)


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