Thursday, December 30, 2010

The End

For the last two weeks I have been packing for storage all the things in the office where I worked.

Most things went into storage but the products and computers are now at Peter's Condo. I will go there twice a week and fill orders and answer any messages that are left.

It has been a difficult experience. While he was not an easy person to work for I did enjoy most of the tasks required. It was close to home and when he traveled I had the office to myself.

A family from Norway stopped by on Tuesday. They come to the Cape this time each year to visit family and stop by to see Peter and to pick up a few books for their daughter. How hard it is to say that he is gone now. They wanted to know where he was buried so I had them follow me to the cemetery. It is so sad that he is gone. He was a great historian and gifted writer. He will be missed.....................

On Monday I will go to the Condo and start unpacking. I will be working 5 days a week till that is done and then go to my 2 days a week schedule.

Starting the New Year with a new schedule and more time at home............ Life continues to change in ways I never imagined.


  1. Hope all of your changes in 2011 are for the better. Happy New Year to you!!!

  2. Hello Susan.... I hope you did not over do it with the packing and unpacking... I know the problems you have with your back... I hope the new place at the condo will be comfortable for you to work... Let's hope that 2011 will bring you luck in selling your house.. Then you can retire... All my best to you and yours... :)


Thank you for your comment.......

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