Monday, November 01, 2010

What !!! Monday Already

I had great plans to spend at least one day in the studio. Only made it upstairs for 30 minutes. Then duty called and the weekend errands had to be done. And things put away and dinner prepared and then I sat and knit for the rest of the evening.

I have put the quilt aside for awhile. Barbara loaned me her pattern for a cute little baby sweater with legs and Peg donated some luscious sage green yarn and I am making that right now.

I will need to get on with my Christmas presents so it might be a month or more before I work on the quilt again. I really needed to take a break from it to give my fingers a chance to get a rest.

Friday afternoon I did a bit or work in the studio getting something ready for Design Wall Monday over at Patchwork Times but never did get anything finished.

Sunday I made banana nut muffins................ They turned out great............. Our neighbor (and realtor) was having a yard sale and had left a message for me to drop in (she lives three doors down) because she had a bag of fabric for me............. Lem and I walked up there (we live on a small hill) and took her some muffins. She had a great two tiered stand that was just what I wanted for the kitchen. Yes, I do know that we are moving but this thing was just what I wanted.

We got home and I made a batch of dog food for Wade Hamilton and then moved on to the next item on the list. I did pause to make us a sandwich for lunch (it was 2:30 by now) before I started the chicken casserole for dinner. On Friday nights Stop and Shop has Rotisserie chickens for $5.00. I indulged in one and we had sliced chicken breast with mashed potatoes and garden peas for dinner. I had planned to use the rest of the meat for a casserole. For some reason I got real light headed and quite queasy. I thought I could lie down for a bit till it passed but sad to say it never passed. I had gotten out the recipes I had printed and my recipe notebook. Saturday I had purchased more sleeve protectors and another notebook. All I got done for the rest of the day was to put recipes in the notebooks. Lem called for take out and I had a few oyster crackers and sips of Coca Cola.......

I did take pictures this morning when I was assembling my casserole. I will try to get them posted for tomorrow.

Now I am blogging around and already I have found a great holiday gift idea at Pleasant Home for Scrappy Mug Rugs......... She also had some great Halloween ideas the day before. Make sure you check them out.

Kate at Life in Pieces
reminded me of a Layer Cake Quilt Along being hosted by Moose on the Porch Quilts......... That looks like fun.. And she also reminded me of Bonnie Hunters upcoming Mystery Quilt. I will have to pass on both of these parties but I can print the instructions for a later date.

There is a great recipe for Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Bars over at Country Whispers.... I sure will have to give them a try.

Well, break time is over so I had better get back to work. I might even get some pictures up for tomorrow.


  1. You sound busy...I have been busy too. I got all my wool washed, dried and for a project to use it! I am busy making Christmas presents too!Have a great day!!

  2. That is too bad that you aren't able to join in the mystery. I am searching for fabrics that go together and just hope to be able to follow along slowly.


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