Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Honoring Our Quilting Heritage

I signed up for the "Honoring Our Quilting Heritage" by Lori Smith BOM from Homestead Hearth. Every month I get the fabric for five blocks..... I started late so I began two months behind. I am not trying to catch up, just fitting in a block when I can. I have six of them done.

This is Block Five. It was one of the easier blocks.

All the fabric for one block ready to be cut. I am being careful with my fabric and I save the small pieces in my CW Repro drawers. One day I will be able to make a log cabin quilt with the 3/4 inch pieces that are left after the fabric is cut.

Here it is cut and laid out to sew..........

I have an old salt dish that I spray starch into.

Then using a paint brush I can put the starch exactly where I want it. I have found that using steam or spraying starch on the entire block sometimes makes the bias edges bloom and they never press flat again.

And here we are...................All done...................


  1. Very pretty block and I love the fabrics.

  2. Lovely fabrics coupled with an interesting block! Looking forward to some eye candy :)

  3. Oh Susan, this is amazing! Thanks for the starch tip. I will need to try this!


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