Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Yesterday it Rained

Not as much rain today. But no sunshine forecast till Friday.

Now me, I am a sunshine girl. Remember I am from the south where they do have more sunshine. One hour more each day to be exact................ And it shines more days than it does here. Winters are especially difficult......... I have problems staying perky when there is no sunshine.

After work yesterday I worked on the baby quilt. By tomorrow I will have reached the 1/4 mark.

Lem wanted to watch the ball game last night so I went upstairs to work on basting the quilt. Still never finished. It caused my back to flare up again so I went downstairs and listened to a book while I stitched more on the baby quilt. I have one little section left to stitch and I can move up a bit and start to mark another row.

This morning I did a bit more basting on the green quilt. I should be able to finish that today and get more marked on the baby quilt to stitch tonight. I am anxious to get my cutting table back. I have some organizational ideas for the studio and I need that table in place to move forward with that.

Errands after work but an easy supper tonight. Lowly beans and franks. Any suggestions to what I can do to bring that menu up a notch? How about some cheese grated over the BnF's and a nice slice of bread with melted butter slathered on?


  1. Anonymous2:13 PM

    I love listening to quiet sounds, voices, music etc when i'm stitching. There is a peace in it that can't be easily replaced. maybe the sound of all 4 pups snoring on the couch but then, I don't want to stitch... I want to join THEM! Hugs. Tammy

  2. I listen to the xm radio when I stitch, unless I am doing redwork...then I have the TV on. Maybe a veggie with the beans and franks would be good...or a salad!

  3. You deserve an easy meal after all that cooking on the weekend!

  4. My Mother ALWAYS had 1 meal of home made beans, per week.... and she ALWAYS made tea bicuits and served them hot, along with the beans.

    To this day, I still have difficulty eating beans, without teabiscuits.

    Aferwards, we'd be eating the leftover teabiscuits, if there WERE any left, with butter and molasses.


  5. Hi Susan... I will go to my sewing room (in the basement) and sew if it is yucky out... I put on soft music and get lost in what I am doing... When it is sunny I want to be outside and then I get nothing done or just hand work.... :)
    With your dinner you should try corn bread and a little honey on it, with the BnF...:)


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